Starting a business is always a challenging feat, but I am fortunate enough to have found a community that supports local entrepreneurs and provides essential resources and connections to help grow and expand our businesses. This is why I chose Granite School in the Northern California Innovation District (NCID), a community that provides a roadmap for startups like mine to succeed.

Despite only being in business for three months, I have made significant connections that have helped me establish my business further. Charley Ansbach, an advisor with Evolution Acceleration, has been instrumental in establishing relationships that align with my business’s goals and mission as a Veteran and entrepreneur. Through Charley, I was able to connect with someone at the Veteran’s Administration, who helped me navigate funding opportunities for Veteran Owned Businesses. I am currently working on getting the formal designation as a Veteran Owned Business through the SBA.

At Granite School, one of the unique benefits is the other tenants and their relationships with the entrepreneurial community. Through these connections, we were able to bring my product to market within three months, including investors, marketing, branding, legal, accounting, and other wrap-around services.

The product I am working on is a Fracture Reduction System for displaced fractures. Our primary customers are every emergency room in the United States, as 1/6 of all ER fractures are wrist fractures. With my experience as a Principal Orthopedic Technician at UC Davis for over 30 years, I saw the need for a product that streamlined the process and reduced the need for surgical interventions.

A picture of the Fracture Reduction System

After teaching myself how to sew, I made my first prototype in my kitchen. When telling my neighbor about my product, they mentioned their grandson worked for K9 Tactical Gear, a local, family-owned business that makes high-quality leashes and collars. I brought my prototype to Bill, the owner, and the rest was history. He saw my vision and helped make it a reality. As a small business still recovering from the economic loss they experienced from the pandemic, the timing was serendipitous – we needed each other.

I am thrilled to share I was approved as vendor for UC Davis Health on Friday, February 17, 2023, and received my first order from them the same day for 25 units. Moving forward, our goal is to break into the ER market regionally and gather data and testimonials to help further business opportunities, with our sights set on the nationwide ER market. We will also be focusing on teaching institutions, which will play a big role in this process. We are excited to release a video on YouTube soon and to continue growing and expanding our business in the future. Our success at Granite School in the NCID is just the beginning of a promising future for our company.

Geoff Skraber