Northern California
Innovation District

Fostering innovative, economic sustainability and growth across the Greater Sacramento Region

Northern California Innovation District (NCID) empowers innovation, growth, and education with respect to all sectors and all members of the Region and its communities, leveraging reinvention of existing resources to support sustainable future growth of the Region. NCID strives to connect, educate, develop, and promote the region and its community. With the spirit of growth alive in NCID’s headquarters at the historic Granite School, NCID ensures that education, innovation, and growth... past, present, and future... come together for a bright future for the Region.

Passionate about one thing... Your success.

The Northern California Innovation District’s (NCID) mission is to elevate economic growth within the Greater Sacramento Region leveraging existing and unique assets, resources, business and social ecosystems, drawing and retaining emerging growth companies from local, regional, domestic and international markets. NCID is an aggregator and connector, specifically created to bring together resources needed to catapult early stage companies to success.

Leveraging assets within the Northern California Megaregion, NCID fosters broad and inclusive community development with a focus on long-term sustainability across an array of industry sectors, native to the Region.

young adults sitting around a desk having a meeting

Our Impact

All of our companies associated with the NCID are working to create leading innovative, fully functional businesses that will ultimately outgrow Granite School – and no matter where they end up locating – they will have a strong foundation for success. There are approximately 75 full time folks working at the companies we are helping. They have successfully raised more than $4 Million in seed and prerevenue funding as they march towards expansion and becoming thriving enterprises!

2+ yrs

More than 2 years since getting started and the best is ahead of us all!


Start up and mid up companies residing in or working out of Granite School.


Approximately 75 fulltime positions around the globe working and growing


Private capital invested into our clients’ companies as a direct result of involvement with the NCID

Our Value Propositions

By providing support programs and services which guide businesses throughout their entire lifecycle, NCID provides a foundational platform for present and future growth of the Region.

Particularly for those companies new to the Region, NCID provides direct and strategically relevant access and connections to the Region’s vast and rich ecosystem of business opportunities, connections, and key players.

Through partnership and collaboration with area universities, colleges, and private training programs, NCID aims to meet the express needs of current and incoming employers, now and in the future, fostering the education and skills needed for the next generation.

Entrepreneurship should be accessible to all, and NCID aims to support entrepreneurs at all levels of the economic pyramid, at all stages of their journey / development.